Venture: Fundi Bots
Fundi Bots improves learning outcomes and provides skills training for science students in Uganda and beyond by developing technology-driven, student-focused, and practical learning resources.

Expert: Cynthia Del Rio
Head of Operations – Processing, Dispatch Goods

Fundi Bots partnered with Rippleworks to improve the operational efficiency of their STEM learning materials development, manufacturing, and distribution process.

Fundi Bots promotes improved, practical science education in African schools and communities through the provision of hands-on skills and project-based training, with a strong focus on rural and underprivileged regions and a push for equitable inclusion for girls. Their 4 program pillars are Fundi@Work, Fundi@School, Fundi@Home, and Fundi@Girls. Through these pillars, Fundi Bots goal is to accelerate science learning and provide skills training for one million African children and youth by 2030.

One of Fundi Bots’ top priorities going into the project was setting themselves up to be highly operationally efficient.

Fundi Bots partnered with Cynthia Del Rio, a supply chain and operations expert with 15+ years of experience. Together, they:

• Made the prototyping and production processes more efficient.

• Provided clear transfer of information between teams to enable them to clearly set timelines for delivery.

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