Venture: Equalize Health
Equalize Health is creating medical technology for everyone.

Expert: Dave Ancel
Founder of the Leaders Toolkit Corporation 
• Founder, Emergent Solutions
• Founder, Interplay Learning Corporation

Equalize Health partnered with Rippleworks to define the roadmap to reach their future organization state

Equalize Health is a nonprofit medical technology company whose mission is to create medical technology for everyone. Their products are sold in 73 countries and have treated more than 1 million patients who otherwise couldn’t have accessed quality care.

Equalize’s top priority was building an organization to match their business model and rapid growth trajectory. Equalize partnered with Rippleworks to define the roadmap to reach their future organization state and growth goals.

100 percent growth in our team during the past two years has caused growing pains, and our team will double again by 2025!

Rippleworks helped us proactively plan for and prioritize the internal health of our organization through an org design project.

It immediately improved the way we work together and will ensure we’ll deliver on our 3-year strategic plan.

—Equalize Health COO and CFO Boston Nyer

Equalize partnered with Rippleworks Expert Dave Ancel, a seasoned executive leadership coach who co-founded Interplay Learning Corporation, Emergent Solutions, and the Leaders Toolkit Corporation. Together, they:

• Aligned the Equalize leadership team around their current and 3-year future states

• Defined a capability roadmap to achieve Equalize’s future state

• Designed work-streams and plans to build organizational capabilities

• Built a cadence to iterate through roadmap designs and priorities

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