Venture: East Africa Fruits
East Africa Fruits provides market opportunities to smallholder farmers who need equitable access to local consumers.

Expert: Heike Hiss
Sr. Director of Global Executive Recruiting at Box
• Sr. Executive Recruiter, Juniper Networks
• Executive Recruiter, Apple

East Africa Fruits partnered with Rippleworks to improve their hiring and onboarding for organizational scale

East Africa Fruits trades and markets fresh fruits, vegetables, and rice in service of smallholder farmers in Tanzania. As a supplier to local hotels, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets, as well as export customers, East Africa Fruits aggregates, processes, and distributes fresh produce grown by a strong and expanding network of smallholders.

East Africa Fruits’ top priority was building HR processes that improved their capacity to find, hire, and retain high-quality professionals to fill key roles that enable growth. East Africa Fruits partnered with Rippleworks to evaluate and improve existing hiring and onboarding processes, including their search for a new COO.

East Africa Fruits partnered with Rippleworks Expert Heike Hiss, who led recruiting and people operations at Box, Juniper Networks, and Apple. Together, they:

• Evaluated the baseline recruitment cycle process

• Developed key recruiting processes including search firm evaluation, candidate profile creation, candidate evaluation and interviewing, and employee onboarding

• Defined a COO candidate profile, evaluation criteria, interview process and timeline, and onboarding plan

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