Venture: Drinkwell
Drinkwell is a technology platform for clean water.

Expert: Rupesh Shah
VP of Product Management at Granular
• Director of Product Management, Khan Academy
• VP of Product Management, Infusionsoft

Drinkwell partnered with Rippleworks to design product requirements for a case management field tool

Drinkwell provides access to affordable and clean drinking water for millions of underserved customers who live beyond the pipe in Bangladesh and India.

One of Drinkwell’s top priorities going into the project was more than doubling their number of water ATMs in Bangladesh. Drinkwell partnered with Rippleworks to design a product requirements document for a case management field tool.

Drinkwell partnered with Rupesh Shah, a product and design leader who built teams and solutions at Khan Academy, Infusionsoft, Simpa Networks, Intuit, and Odwalla. Together, they:

• Learned the fundamentals of redesigning product processes

• Learned the fundamentals of experimentation and quick iteration; hypothesizing and testing solutions, gathering user feedback

• Defined future plan; assessed opportunities and planned to improve additional processes

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