Venture: Clinicas del Azúcar
Clinicas del Azúcar’s mission is to provide affordable, specialized, and convenient diabetes care for low-income patients in cities throughout Mexico.

Expert: Alex Gonzalez
Co-Founder of 100 Yards
• Co-founder and CEO, Chatalog
• VP of Online Marketing, Gerson Lehrman Group

Clinicas del Azúcar partnered with Rippleworks to improve the way they reach patients through digital marketing

Clinicas del Azúcar is a chain of affordable diabetes and hypertension management clinics that provide accessible preventive and supportive care to underserved Mexicans. Clinicas served more than 150 thousand patients in 2020 and is scaling quickly; their aim is to reduce the annual cost of care from $1,000 to $250 per patient.

One of Clinicas’ top priorities going into the project was to identify and begin to address their marketing strategy gaps. Clinicas partnered with Rippleworks to improve their digital marketing analytics infrastructure and increase the volume of patients acquired through digital marketing channels.

Clinicas partnered with Alex Gonzalez, a sales and marketing leader who brought decades of experience from 100 Yards, Chatalog, the Gerson Lehrman Group, and Focus. Together, they:

• Audited Clinicas’ current digital marketing capabilities

• Built a marketing Strategy audit and set of recommendations

• Provided support to the marketing team with technical, hand-ons marketing account activities (including Facebook and GoogleAds)

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