Venture: BOMA Project
BOMA Project is ending extreme poverty in Africa by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of women.

Expert: Srilatha Kothur
Head of Data Engineering and Platforms for Cloud Services at Apple
• Director of Data Science, Intuit
• Data Engineering Director, Facebook
• Manager of Data Science & Engineering, Netflix

BOMA Project partnered with Rippleworks to improve their team’s product and platform skills

The BOMA Project is a U.S. nonprofit and Kenyan NGO that implements a two-year poverty graduation program in northern Kenya, building the resiliency of women living in extreme poverty so they can feed their children, pay for school fees and medical care, invest in their families, and survive shocks like drought and medical emergencies. BOMA’s model has improved the lives of more than 270,000 women and children and increased household income by 30 percent on average since its launch in 2008.

BOMA’s top priority was expanding their partner network to reach hundreds of thousands of new women each year. BOMA partnered with Rippleworks to improve their team’s product and platform skills as they grow into a platform enabled organization.

Rippleworks came in at a critical time to help BOMA understand how it can evolve and improve its program measurement system.

Even better, they taught us the skills to continually evaluate user requirements, so that we can continue to evolve our system on our own.

Because of this work, we’re a stronger and smarter organization and better prepared for challenges in the future.

—BOMA Project CEO John Stephens

BOMA partnered with Rippleworks Expert Srilatha Kothur, a data science executive who’s lead teams and engineering organizations at Apple, eBay, Netflix, Facebook, and Intuit. Together, they:

• Learned how to manage a diverse, multi-partner system; learned the mindsets needed to build a product and platform, how to segment BOMA’s total addressable market, and prioritize partners for whom to build

• Began defining BOMA’s product and platform needs; learned to write user stories and evolve them into system requirements that fit into a system diagram

• Created a 3-month plan to continue project momentum

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