Venture: Blue Ventures
Blue Ventures partners with coastal communities to rebuild tropical fisheries.

Expert: Sunil Agrawal
• Director of Data Services, Symantic
• Director of Product Development, Ebay

Blue Ventures partnered with Rippleworks to build a data systems roadmap 

Blue Ventures partners with coastal communities to rebuild tropical fisheries, working alongside fishing communities throughout the tropics to design and implement practical measures to protect oceans for future generations.

Blue Ventures’ top priority was gaining data based insights on impact and operations to improve their program design and execution. Blue Ventures partnered with Rippleworks to design a best in class data architecture to aggregate their global impact at scale.

We’re thrilled with the data systems roadmap that we’ve produced during our Rippleworks partnership, and are excited to move forward with next steps in implementation. 

Our global data systems have moved a big step closer to our vision thanks to the Rippleworks team’s time, patience, and great technical insight.

—Blue Ventures Executive Director Alasdair Harris

Blue Ventures partnered with Sunil Agrawal, a leading data executive who has built data strategies and systems at companies including Symantec and eBay. Together, they:

• Evaluated the current state of Blue Ventures’ data system and reports; prioritized challenges and needs of users; envisioned future states for their data systems and architecture

• Designed a data system that is impactful for users of every level within Blue Ventures’ team, including its functional requirements and architecture

• Prototyped key components of the new data architecture and identified opportunities for process change

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