Venture: Apon Wellbeing
Apon Wellbeing offers an omni-channel marketplace of affordable products and services for industrial workers in Bangladesh.

Expert: Adam Van Cleeff
VP of Customer Success, Fullscript
• Senior Support Lead, APAC Region, Shopify
• Mobile Development Lead, The Ottawa Hospital

Apon partnered with Rippleworks to develop customer success methods to improve growth of Apon’s service offerings. 

Over 4 million people work in Bangladesh’s garment industry, but these workers — of which 80% are women — earn only half of the country’s estimated living wage. Through Apon’s marketplace, these workers and their families are able to overcome the rising cost of living and gain access to the products and services they need at an affordable price.

To date, Apon has launched 22 shops inside Bangladesh’s factories, served over 52,000 customers and provided over 4,300 of them with free health insurance. For workers in Bangladesh’s garment industry who don’t receive sick pay, this is a crucial benefit. Apon’s model offers more than groceries for workers in Bangladesh’s garment industry. It ensures their financial inclusion, economic wellbeing and improved health as well.

One of Apon’s top priorities going into this project was to develop a best-in-class customer success management system to drive greater retention.

Apon partnered with Adam Van Cleeff, a globally experienced, customer success leader who has worked across emerging markets in Southeast Asia for early, growth stage companies. Together, they:

• Identified and quantified Apon’s growth and retention challenges

• Updated their dashboard to track growth and the skills to solve growth challenges 

• Integrated a data-driven culture into Apon’s internal meetings

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