Venture: African Management Institute
AMI is training up the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs through tools and solutions for 21st Century workplace skills development

Expert: Jean Teillon
VP of Product at PowerSchool
• President and Founder, Sopico
• VP of Product Management, Pearson

African Management Institute (AMI) partnered with Rippleworks to build a world class product function

African Management Institute (AMI) is pioneering practical business and management learning for Africa. Their model equips entrepreneurs with key tools to build their businesses, helps companies build motivated and productive workforces, and runs work-readiness and entry-level programs for young people starting their careers.

One of AMI’s top priorities going into the project was to have a resourced, well-functioning product function to deliver on their product strategy. AMI partnered with Rippleworks to define a product function structure and resourcing plan to support their product team deliver against their goals.

AMI partnered with Rippleworks Expert Jean Teillon, a global product executive who brought decades of experience from PowerSchool, Sopico, Chungdahm America, and Pearson. Together, they:

• Develop an understanding of AMI’s product team challenges

• Defined a product team structure; clarifed roles;
created a plan and timeline for structure implementation, including discussion on change management

• Prepared the product team to grow

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