Venture: SaveLife Foundation

Investment: $1.5M grant

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: December 2021

Region(s) served: Asia and Pacific Islands

Sector: Infrastructure

Core Impact Metric: Reduction in traffic fatalities

Grant to support a period of major scale up and deepening government partnership

SaveLife Foundation helps governments identify high-fatality roads and implements targeted solutions to fix them. Using existing government road crash data, SaveLife targets the most crash-prone zones of the most dangerous roads. They visit these roads, conduct forensic crash investigations, train officials to do the same, complete audits to diagnose the core safety issues, and recommend a mix of interventions.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

SaveLife Foundation’s model has delivered a more than 50 percent drop in fatalities across 744 kilometers of roads in India.

SaveLife is now at a major inflection point and has convinced the government of India that their model to reduce road crash fatalities is the model for the country to write into law. SaveLife has signed an MOU with the government to scale SaveLife’s solution nationally, with the goal of saving 100,000 lives annually.