Venture: Educate!

Investment: $2M unrestricted grant

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: April 2019

Region(s) served: Sub-Saharan Africa

Sector: Education

Core Impact Metric: Increased graduate income

How a $2 million unrestricted grant is helping pave Educate!’s path towards continental scale

Educate! is working to solve the skills gap for African youth that emerges between secondary school and employment by incorporating entrepreneurship training into standard curriculum in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. 

Why Rippleworks Invested:

Educate! graduates have gone on to earn more than twice as much as their peers: $338/year vs. $165/year due to the fact that they are able to start businesses that sustain their livelihoods (and those of their families) after graduation.

In Kenya and Rwanda, for example, Educate! has been working with the government to bring in the program and roll out changes across hundreds of schools simultaneously. Making this possible is Educate!’s Uganda “Center of Excellence” operations, which Educate! uses to demonstrate its impact and effectiveness to other governments that are considering new policy adoption

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