Venture: Code for America

Investment: $3M grant

Portfolio: Audacious

Investment date: November 2021

Region(s) served: North America

Sector: Multi-sector

Core Impact Metric: People now able to access social safety net benefits

Ensuring every American family in need can access the public support available to them

Code for America (CfA) has a repeatable, scalable method for working with states to improve access to and usage of anti-poverty interventions. Taking a human-centered design approach, CfA engages with partners—from agency officials to beneficiary groups—to build solutions that transform the outreach, enrollment and delivery of safety net resources.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

In the wake of the pandemic, demand from governments for support in providing urgent relief to their constituents is at its peak.

Significant grant funding will unlock at least $15 billion in government benefits for low-income families, create a multiplier effect for local economies and build enduring technical capacity that’s embedded in state systems, serving as a powerful proof point for delivery-driven government.

In California, Code for America helped 3 million people access food benefits that hadn’t previously been able to. Throughout the pandemic, Code for America, in partnership with California and Minnesota, helped unlock more than $619 million of emergency food benefits for school-aged children.