Venture: Medic

Investment: $1.5M grant

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: October 2020

Region(s) served: Global

Sector: Healthcare

Core Impact Metric: Mothers choosing to have facility-based deliveries

Grant funding to provide national coverage for community health workers in Nepal

Medic builds open-source software to ensure that the most disconnected people around the globe can receive equitable access to care. Medic’s tools equip community health workers for a variety of ‘use cases’ (such as maternal and child mortality) which can create a high-functioning public health system in some of the most disconnected countries around the world.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

This is a true ‘bridge to somewhere’ opportunity. Philanthropy provided to Medic today results in an agreement and budget that can take Nepal to complete national adoption of the Community Health Toolkit over the course of the next five years. Nepal has struggled with a lack of strategic philanthropic investment for innovative, equity-focused health care.

In the areas where Medic worked, they saw a 92 percent facility-based delivery rate compared to 63 percent in areas where Medic’s tools were not available.

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