Venture: Clínicas del Azúcar

Investment: $2M loan

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: October 2021

Region(s) served: Latin America

Sector: Healthcare

Core Impact Metric: Reduction in diabetes risk

Growth capital to fund additional clinics amid increasing demand for services

Clínicas del Azúcar is Mexico’s largest private provider of specialized diabetes and hypertension care, running a brick and mortar network of one-stop-shop clinics, complemented by telehealth services, to increase access to care that is convenient and low-cost for patients with diabetes.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

65 percent of the patients Clínicas del Azúcar treats for diabetes have their condition under control within six months of starting treatment, compared to 19 percent of those in public care.

Moreover, long-term debt to fund clinic build outs is impossible-to-find from local commercial banks. Impact-first funding can pave the way for future lenders, all of whom are critical to support growth of this venture over time.

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