Venture: Think of Us

Investment: $2.5M grant

Portfolio: Audacious

Investment date: April 2023

Region(s) served: United States

Sector: Livelihoods

Core Impact Metric: Improved life outcomes for foster youth

Transforming child welfare systems through lived experience

​​In the US, more than 200,000 youth enter the child welfare system each year. 1 in every 17 children in the United States will spend time in the custody of this system, which has been linked with devastating outcomes. Data also suggests that more than half of these placements are preventable, either by providing simple supportive measures or by changing regulations.

Think of Us exists to bridge the divide between lived experience and traditional efforts to reform the child welfare system. They work with foster youth and families on their terms to create policy changes that can enhance the options for ‘kin care’ and ultimately, improve the life outcomes for kids in foster care.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

Think of Us has already seen results from their work on behalf of foster youth. After learning about barriers to children accessing new foster youth-specific housing vouchers, they worked directly with the young people that were being affected, requisite states,  and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to streamline access to $125M in vouchers.