Venture: Solid’Africa

Investment: $3M grant

Portfolio: Promising Growth

Investment date: February 2024

Region(s) served: Rwanda

Sector: Healthcare

Core Impact Metric: Reduction in hospital readmission

Building momentum behind government partnership

Solid’Africa is at a critical moment on their scale journey. They have the team in place at the senior leadership level to take advantage of two government partnership opportunities with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Education. Both of these partnerships require Solid’Africa to prove their operational expertise – covering every government hospital’s food services in the next 5 years and feeding 3.5M children 3x a day, respectively. With this investment, Solid’Africa will be able to execute pilot programs and demonstrate their operational expertise before the official expansion begins.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

An unrestricted one-time grant at this point in time helps Solid’Africa prove to the government that there is donor interest and momentum behind both of these pilots, and allows Solid’Africa the opportunity to focus more on execution ahead.