Venture: One Acre Fund

Investment: $2M grant

Portfolio: Audacious

Investment date: December 2020

Region(s) served: Sub-Saharan Africa

Sector: Agriculture

Core Impact Metric: Increased income for farmers

Unrestricted funding that helps smallholder farmers across Africa increase harvests and income

One Acre Fund has a tested, structural solution to smallholder farm productivity in Africa, with established operations in six of eight countries that are home to the majority of farmers. One Acre Fund has partnered with farm families to provide loans, commercial-grade inputs, and simple training.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

One Acre Fund’s integrated model creates the possibility for continent-wide impact in just six years.

By enabling farmers to improve their harvests and increase incomes by more than 40 percent, and do so in a way that is built on climate resilience, significant grant funding has the ability to generate $1.8 billion in new income and assets gained directly by farm families and transform agricultural systems.