Venture: Hala Systems

Investment: $1.0M loan

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: April 2024

Region(s) served: Yemen, Ukraine, Syria

Sector: Human Rights

Core Impact Metric: Lives Saved

Advancing innovative solutions in the humanitarian sector

Hala Systems is a for-profit technology company dedicated to saving lives. It develops bespoke technology solutions that are unparalleled in their ability to collect, analyze, and distribute real-time information in conflict areas. The company’s focus on developing tech-enabled solutions for fragile countries sets it apart from the ‘competition,’ composed mainly of local grassroots NGOs offering manual approaches to civilian protection in these conflict areas.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

Hala’s primary customers are governments and non-governmental organizations, but they face the challenge of long payment cycles from their clients. Moreover, the sector in which Hala operates has a limited number of investors willing to take the risk to fund a company working in conflict zones. Rippleworks’ investment will provide Hala with its own working capital facility to manage these unpredictable cash flow cycles, ensuring the durability of its impact.