Venture: GGEM Farming

Investment: $2M grant

Portfolio: Promising Growth

Investment date: April 2023

Region(s) served: Sub-Saharan Africa

Sector: Agriculture

Core Impact Metric: Annual income increase

Flexible grant capital that allows GGEM to invest in their people, processes, and property

GGEM Farming (GGEM) provides smallholder farmers with an interest-free input loan of quality seed and fertilizer, trains farmers in modern farming techniques, and provides a fair marketplace for farmers to sell their harvest. By targeting higher value crops — rice in the summer and legumes in the winter — GGEM can further boost incomes for their smallholder growers.

Why Rippleworks Invested:

GGEM is a fast-growing, nimble organization with tremendous impact — their model supports farmers to increase their annual income by almost 600%. With a strong co-leadership model and flexible grant capital to invest in the important functions that enable their programs, we believe they can have national scale in Malawi.

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