ALU partnered with a leading growth hacker to design and execute digital campaigns to gain student applications at scale

dr consulta

dr. consulta partnered with a veteran CTO to increase production velocity by adopting best practices


Nexleaf partnered with a proven CFO/COO to leverage strategic finance to drive its business and impact

Projects since we launched in 2015

Countries where our portfolio operates

Total number of people reached by our portfolio

All Projects

  • 4G Capital
    Financial Inclusion | Technology
  • African Management Initiative
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • ALA
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • AllLife
    Financial Inclusion | Data Science
  • ALU (2016)
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • ALU (2018)
    Education | Operations
  • Andela
    Education | Data Science
  • Apli
    Economic Empowerment | Product
  • Apollo
    Agriculture | Technology
  • Avante
    Financial Inclusion | Product
  • Avanti
    Education | Human Capital
  • Babban Gona
    Agriculture | Technology

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