We pair top business and technology experts with innovative, rapidly growing social ventures around the world. Beyond advising, RippleWorks is real problem solving: volunteer experts work with ventures to jointly solve an immediate and critical scaling challenge.

Massive impact can come from massive scale, and funding no longer is the biggest barrier to scale for many social ventures. Ventures that have raised funding are primed to scale their business and impact, but require access to specific expertise along the way. Silicon Valley experts are poised to help.

Many in Silicon Valley and the larger tech sector hold the valuable expertise that will scale and accelerate impact around the world. What if they could drive impact while keeping their day jobs?

RippleWorks provides these top professionals with a well-defined, high-impact opportunity that redefines the idea of volunteering.

“I’ve deeply enjoyed learning about the challenges and projects that these ventures are tackling, and it’s a pleasure to see them make progress.” – Chris Kanaan, Expert-In-Residence & Ripple’s VP Engineering

RippleWorks supports ventures that are creating products and services that have the potential to empower millions in a critically positive way. Our ventures build and provide solutions that enable access to everything from affordable energy, to micro-insurance, to small-business financing.

As with all startups, hyper-growth is no small task. Our social ventures require top expertise around specific challenges, both operational and technical, to ensure that they scale properly.

“RippleWorks has been a game changer for us.”
– Xavier Helgesen, CEO, Off.Grid:Electric

Expert volunteers work with innovative social ventures that are well on their way to solving some of the world's toughest challenges. By applying their skills and experience, experts play a critical role in empowering these ventures to scale their business and impact.

Nairobi, Kenya

Kopo Kopo is the world’s first merchant services platform built for mobile money and offering a full-suite of payment, credit and marketing tools.

Kopo Kopo has built the largest independent merchant network in the mobile money industry. As it grows beyond East Africa to other parts of Africa, South America and Asia, it requires a new strategy around its cloud-based architecture.

Dodoma, Tanzania

Off.Grid:Electric is a massively scalable solar leasing company offering radically affordable energy for the 1.6 billion people who don’t have access to electricity.

The customer base is growing in the hundreds of people per day. As a “solar as a service” company high-quality customer service is essential. How does it maintain quality service with a huge spike in new customers?

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ruma empowers 30,000 trusted community stores to provide over 2 million customers a month with easy access to online payment services and to shop for goods.

As demand for its services soars, the Ruma team needs assistance on how best to scale its architecture and organization. How can it ensure that in 5 years the system will scale to meet its rapid growth? 

RippleWorks offers a well-defined and high-impact program. Our simple four-stage process guides both expert and venture from application through project success. Our team ensures an immersive experience in which an expert's time and contributions are maximized for impact.





Both experts and ventures must apply to the RippleWorks program.

For experts, we look for those who have demonstrated substantial success in their field of expertise as well as soft skills that will ensure a productive collaboration in a new environment.

For ventures, we look for venture-backed start-ups with significant market traction and a commitment to a social purpose.

Once selected to the program, we pair expert and venture based on the venture's most pressing scaling challenges and the expert's domain expertise.

Projects are jointly defined by both expert and venture, and structured with specific goals and milestones.

We quickly zero in on and define the imminent and mission-critical challenges facing ventures.

We design and optimize the entire experience to be efficient and easy for both ventures and experts; from getting started to offering best practices to drive a successful project, to arranging and paying for any travel.

We bring a results-orientated approach to every engagement.

Each project's success will be measured against the milestones that were agreed upon at the beginning of the engagement.

A successful project will be one where you see your ideas and solutions being implemented and the venture scale.

Ready to test your skills, scale a startup, and drive real impact?

RippleWorks is growing our close-knit, mission-driven team. We deeply value feeling the tangible impact of our work every day, learning as much as we can, putting people first, and having a high bar of excellence.

Join us and play a pivotal part in forming RippleWorks’ strategy, growth, and team culture.

Open positions:

Based in Silicon Valley, RippleWorks' leadership and volunteer experts bring extensive start-up experience and expertise, starting and scaling scores of successful ventures.

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Doug Galen

Co-Founder & CEO

In addition to RippleWorks, Doug is a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and sits on the non-profit Boards of Heifer International and Positive Coaching Alliance.

Prior to RippleWorks, Doug served as Shopkick’s Chief Revenue Officer, Shutterfly’s SVP of Business and Corporate Development, eBay’s VP and GM of New Ventures, and employee #3 as Vice President of Sales and BD for publicly traded E-LOAN.

Chris Larsen


Chris Larsen is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Ripple, creators of an open-source distributed payment protocol, and was formerly CEO.

Chris also cofounded and served as CEO of Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, and E-LOAN, a publicly traded online lender. During his tenure at E-LOAN, he pioneered the open access to credit scores movement by making E-LOAN the first company to show consumers their FICO scores.

Pradeep Suthram

Director, Product Experience

Pradeep Suthram most recently served as Process Lead at VMware, and previously consulted for venture capital firms in Washington, D.C. and Bangalore.

Pradeep’s product management experience spans his time at SomeoneWith, where he developed the initial design, experience, and business model to provide financial services for cancer patients and their families, and at PICnet, where he worked to deliver affordable web applications for 300+ non-profits over 5 years.

Jay Lee

Growth and Community

Jay joined RippleWorks after serving as a senior social impact fellow at the New Sector Alliance, where he worked with military veterans nonprofits based within the VA healthcare system to develop more integrated business development and fundraising strategies.

Previously, Jay worked in various editorial capacities for Major League Baseball Advanced Media, including leading the digital front-page web strategy for MLB.com and the 30 official club websites.

Sarah Burch

Senior Portfolio Manager

Sarah specializes in helping emerging market social enterprises grow and generate sustainable impact. Before RippleWorks, she helped launch Development Innovation Ventures (DIV), one of the first VC-style impact funds in government.

At DIV, Sarah led the due diligence and closing of over 20 deals, aggregating $22 million in over 10 countries. She managed 30 of the organizations in the fund portfolio, covering areas such as energy, water access, and health care.

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Tim Kunihiro

Managing Director, Programs

Tim joined RippleWorks after serving as CEO for a SaaS startup incubated out of Barcelona, Spain, that offered an interactive sales solution for ecommerce companies.

Tim previously held key leadership positions at TaskRabbit and eBay across operations, international expansion, business development and product. Tim was the first product manager at eBay to focus on Trust & Safety solutions, including combating fraud and managing risk.

Rick Levenson

CTO in Residence

Rick is an engineering leader and a long-time denizen of Silicon Valley. Rick has led many teams in settings ranging from nascent ventures to Microsoft divisions.

His tech leadership experience includes Sun/Javasoft, Tellme, Microsoft, Polycom and a variety of startups. Most recently, he was at Kiva.org, leading the engineering effort to help alleviate poverty through the power of crowd-lending.

Shannon Galea

Office Manager

Shannon is RippleWorks’ Office Manager and Executive Assistant, helping to ensure that daily operations run smoothly.

Shannon previously was an Executive Assistant at Shutterfly, where she supported senior executives including the CTO, CHRO, CFO, and SVP of Operations. Shannon has also worked as an Executive Assistant at several other leading Bay Area companies, including Genentech and Williams-Sonoma.

Sara Johnson

New Initiatives

Sara previously ran her own consulting firm where she advised social enterprises, funders, and corporations on how to maximize impact and effectively deploy capital. Prior to that, Sara managed operations at a Zambian agriculture startup.

Sara also managed Mulago Foundation’s Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program, helped launch the Entrepreneurship Database Program at Emory University, and was Village Capital’s first full-time employee.

Meagan Le

Project Coordinator

Prior to joining RippleWorks, Meagan worked at the Mulago Foundation, fulfilling diverse administrative needs from coordinating grant disbursements to planning special events to bookkeeping. Previously, Meagan interned at Kiva in community relations, worked in finance at Gateway Learning Group, and led international programs with the Foundation for Sustainable Development in India. Meagan is a San Francisco native who studied Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco.

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Picture of <b>Lindsay Blodgett</b>

Sparkle Williams Capps

Manager, RippleWorks Sprint

Sparkle brings over a decade of experience applying process improvement and program management across several different industries, including driving Community & Product Operations at Facebook to support a team of engineers designing and improving the Facebook experience for millions of daily users. Sparkle also led programs at BetterUp, a rapidly growing startup that offers a mobile career coaching app with training for aspiring and new managers.

Lindsay Blodgett

Venture Growth Manager

Lindsay brings a rigorous business approach to tackling tough and dynamic problems for social good. Most recently, Lindsay managed the first launch of Clarify Health’s patient care management software. Lindsay began her career as a management consultant at The Parthenon Group, where she worked with clients across Private Equity, Industrials, and for-profit and non-profit Education. Lindsay holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA from Dartmouth College.

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