Company: Varthana
Varthana provides working capital to meet the growing demands of private schools across India.

Expert: Billy Robins
Director of Business Development at Zendesk
• VP Business Development, PayNearMe
• VP Product, Wells Fargo


Varthana partnered with a leading business development expert to build a consultative sales approach to helping schools

Varthana supports the growth of affordable private schools by providing working capital to meet the school’s growing demand. Varthana supports 3,500 schools across 28 regions across India, impacting the education of 2.5 million children.

Varthana’s top priority was developing its new “Beyond Loans” program to provide further support and provide education solutions to its network of schools. Varthana partnered with RippleWorks to develop a consultative sales process to focus on solution sales within the Beyond Loans program.

The project provided us with a framework to better understand customer needs and expand our product offerings to address them.

—Varthana CEO Steve Hardgrave

Varthana partnered with Rippleworks Expert Billy Robins, who has served as the senior business development executive for top companies including Zendesk, PayNearMe, and Wells Fargo. Together, they:

• Triggered the creation of iSAP by confirming school needs using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework
• Uncovered key insights on school needs through user research, and further developed user research as a core skill within Varthana
• Established fundamentals of consultative sales using industry best practices, framework, and identifying industry standard sales tools
• Helped improve sales performance by capturing sales funnel, metrics of success, and lessons learned from initial sales

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