Venture: NeoGrowth
NeoGrowth helps micro-retailers across India build credit history and access affordable loan products

Expert: Kayti Sullivan
SVP Sales at Yelp 

NeoGrowth partnered with a leading sales executive to build a tech-enabled sales strategy to accelerate growth
NeoGrowth helps micro-retailers across India build and improve credit history, providing innovative loan products against credit card and debit card sales. NeoGrowth supports the business growth of 7,000 micro-retailers across 21 cities.

As NeoGrowth scaled, NeoGrowth’s top priority was moving to a more scalable sales model. NeoGrowth partnered with Rippleworks to to form a technology-enabled customer acquisition strategy to reduce costs and accelerate growth.

Working with Kayti and Rippleworks helped us dive deep into our problems with customer acquisition, and the solutions  have helped us a lot.

They involved a technology and data-driven approach, and we now have seen higher productivity, lower acquisition costs, and reduced attrition.

—NeoGrowth Managing Director Piyush Khaitan

NeoGrowth teamed with Rippleworks Expert Kayti Sullivan, who has scaled sales teams and strategies as the SVP Sales for Yelp. Together, they:

• Increased proportion of direct sales with higher volume and quality of leads

• Lowered direct sales customer acquisition costs with higher sales productivity

• Confirmed scaling plan for salesforce by factoring in customer lifetime value

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