Venture: Ignitia
Ignitia turns weather conditions from a threat into an asset for farmers and agribusinesses.

Expert: Todd Hinders
Head of Sales and Architectures Media Technologies at Amazon
• Sr. Director Global Media and Service Provider, Cisco
• SVP Business Development and Sales, Cisco

Ignitia partnered with Rippleworks to lay the groundwork for expansion in Brazil by learning consultative sales strategies 

Ignitia turns weather conditions from a threat into an asset for farmers and agribusinesses working in the tropics. Their first-of-its-kind weather forecasting model is twice as accurate as standard global models, helping farmers plant, harvest, and process crops at the right time. In 2021, more than 1.9 million people subscribed to Ignitia’s weather forecast service in Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso.

Ignitia’s top priority was crafting narratives to demonstrate their forecasting solution’s value to customers in Brazil, a new country and region for their work. Ignitia partnered with Rippleworks to learn consultative selling principles that draw qualitative and quantitative conclusions from sales prospects in new markets.

Our project focused on integrating a consultative selling approach to our go-to-market process as we grow our team and enter new markets.

The Rippleworks support was invaluable in structuring the approach, finding an expert  who “has been there and done that” and keeping us on track to ensure we made progress in the relevant timeframe.

We can confidently say Ignitia has a better sales strategy and execution roadmap thanks to the Rippleworks project, and we are forever indebted to Todd for having taken the time to guide us, introduce us to new and innovative tools and being extra-available to provide support, over and above the scope of the project.

—Ignitia CCO Rui Antunes

Ignitia partnered with Rippleworks Expert Todd Hinders, a global sales leader who brought decades of experience from Amazon and Cisco. Together, they:

• Learned the common pitfalls of Ignitia’s existing sales processes

• Developed approaches to customize the positioning of Ignitia’s product in Brazil

• Learned and practiced best-in-class strategies to engage customers when they’re in the room

• Laid the foundation for a new Ignitia sales team in Brazil by incorporating best practices into their sales process

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