Company: EM3
EM3 offers on-demand farm services to empower small-holder farmers in India

Expert: Kabriel Robichaux
• Architect, 8 Circuit Studios
• Engineering Director, TapInfluence
• Co-Founder & Architect, Stage Hound

EM3 partnered with a leading marketplace engineer to build automated matching for scale

EM3 empowers the more than 200 million small-holder farmers in India by offering on-demand farm services, such as land preparation, sowing, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest farm management. The 15,000+ farmers that have used EM3’s services see a 15-20% reduction in costs and a 20-30% increase in productivity.

EM3’s top priority was to set up the technology and systems for scale to evolve from a manual matching process to an automated one. EM3 partnered with Rippleworks to build an automated matching system for scale, specifically by building a rules-based system to optimize its matching process.

We had always struggled to articulate a tech solution for one of our core propositions. This project helped us really understand the problem in fine detail and achieve clarity on how to implement the solution.

EM3 CEO Adwitiya Mal

EM3 teamed with Rippleworks Expert Kabriel Robichaux, who has built innovative automated matching technology at places like Electronic Arts, Crave, StageHound, TapInfluence, and Oracle. Together, they:

• Identified key constraints in marketplace matching and prioritized constraints to solve for immediately
• Selected open-source software platform to leverage for rapid prototyping (RedHat OptaPlanner)
• Prototyped a software solution after codifying manual process into a set of business rules                                                                                                                            • Verified system design for pilot phase with OptaPlanner expert from RedHat
• Designed several experiments for pilot phase to perform field tests

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