Venture: Baobab
Baobab provides financial services to SMEs across Africa and China.

Expert: Ruby Goel
Lead Data Architect, Visa
• Senior Data Architect, Verifone
• Senior Data Architect (Security), Paypal

Baobab partnered with Rippleworks to refine its data strategy and technical infrastructure

Baobab’s mission is to unleash the potential of micro, small, and medium-enterprises across Africa and China by offering them simple and easy to use financial services. As clients businesses grow with Baobab’s products, they are included in the commercial financial system and contribute to the development of their communities.

Baobab’s top priority was ensuring its data functions could support their digital transformation and overall business needs. Baobab partnered with Rippleworks to build a data strategy that supports a digital loan management process.

Baobab partnered with Ruby Goel, who has been a senior data architect at top financial service companies like Visa, Verifone, and PayPal. Together, they:

• Assessed current tech architecture to identify pain points of systems and solve for urgent issues

• Performed high-level gap analysis to prioritize which tech capabilities and features are needed to support Baobab’s vision for its future tech architecture

• Detailed the framework for how to write and maintain a business dictionary and a technical data dictionary

• Planned the roadmap with key milestones for Baobab to achieve its digital transformation strategy

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