Expert-led workshops for practical startup learnings


“At Flourish, we work to develop thriving ecosystems for innovation. Startups need a variety of skills to succeed, and Rippleworks’ workshops bring best-in-class expertise to local entrepreneurs in an interactive learning environment. The response and impact of the workshops we have partnered on has been tremendous.”
— Arjuna Costa, Partner at Flourish Ventures

Entrepreneurs work alongside leading Rippleworks Experts to gain in-demand startup business skills

Rippleworks Experts draw from their extensive experience to design and deliver practical learning experiences

Participants learn frameworks and actionable How-To’s rooted in real-life case studies, from both Silicon Valley and Rippleworks projects

We share post-workshop resources, tools, and on-going access to Experts to maximize implementation

Program Partners

Workshop Examples


Beth Steinberg
Chief People Officer / VP Talent at companies including Facebook, Nike, Sunrun, Electronic Arts

Beth’s workshop leads entrepreneurs through a startup talent strategy framework that is based on what Beth has learned from hiring and supporting 10,000+ people across several top Silicon Valley companies.

Topics covered:
• Frameworks for planning for talent strategy
• How to effectively develop your teams
• How to attract and hire top talent at scale


Rupesh Shah
VP / Head of Product at companies including Intuit, Infusionsoft, and Khan Academy

Rupesh’s workshop helps ventures learn how to drive growth by gaining real user insights and building world-class product teams.

Topics covered:
• How to gain authentic user insights to better understand user problems and increase engagement
• How to experiment and prototype to drive new product features and growth
• Best practices for building, managing, structuring high-performing product teams

How to Scale Sales: Skills, Strategy, and Action Planning

Page Crahan
Head of Product & Sales at companies including Google X, Clarus Power, Sunrun

Ken Rahn
Director / VP of Sales at companies including Medallia, Honor, NRG Energy, Sunrun

Page and Ken’s workshop provides a step-by-step guide on how entrepreneurs can confidently and consistently scale their sales.

Topics covered:
• How to build a winning and repeatable sales process
• Creating sales strategies using Customer Journeys andSales Funnels
• How to scale your sales teams

Since 2019:

entrepreneurs reached across Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico

of participants report workshops being highly valuable and practical

of participants directly implement learnings within 10 weeks following workshops

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